Clubbing TV presents KlubList, the first NFT collection which opens the doors of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world.

Owning one of the 3333 unique wristbands gives you the opportunity to win lifetime access to Amnesia Ibiza, World Club Dome, Supersonic, We Are Fstvl, Rampage Open Air, Caprices Festival, Barcelona Beach Festival, Green Valley, Eden Ibiza, LWE Events, Bootshaus and many other amazing perks.

Benefits of buying the klublist NFT.

150 NFTs giving lifetime passes to some of the world’s most famous clubs and festivals
Exclusive events & festivals each year for all THE KLUBLIST holders during Miami Art Basel, Ibiza Summer Season and Miami Music Week.
KlubList NFT will serve as a ticket for the Blockdown conference 2024. Blockdown Ibiza is a festival focused on exploring the intersection of web3 and culture
Discounts for the clubs and music equipment – From 5 – 15% for over 30 partners

DAY 1 Utility.

Access & invitations to special events – Owning the KlubList NFT is going to open up doors to the events money can’t buy. Holders are going to be able to attend sold-out events and festivals, meet DJs and artists and chill in the VIP areas.
Music Worx streaming platform – 3 months of free trial
Weekly giveaways – signed artists merch, LP-Box Sets, tickets to hyped events, exclusive access to new releases
Podcast and TV show creation – KLUBLIST holders will have the power to create and manage a podcast and a TV Show on Clubbing TV.
Ibiza quest – KLUBLIST will be organizing a treasure hunt in Ibiza. The winner will get a VIP table with 2 complimentary bottles to spend an incredible night in Amnesia club.
Lifetime subscription to – Never miss a show!
KlubList exclusive merchandising shop. Only KlubList holders will be able to access it!

festivals. 1 WEB3 CONFERENCE fun.

Imagine being able to keep coming to your favorite club or festival for the rest of your life. Free of charge.

KlubList is an exclusive NFT project launched by Clubbing TV, the biggest music TV channel in the world. We have managed to secure lifetime access to the biggest clubs and festivals in South and North America, Europe, and Asia, including Amnesia Ibiza, World Club Dome, Supersonic, We Are Fstvl, Rampage Open Air, Caprices Festival, Barcelona Beach Festival, Eden Ibiza, Green Valley, LWE, Bootshaus and more TBA.

2 exclusive events for the klublist holders only.

Electronic music fans will have more events to look forward to. The KLUBLIST in collaboration with Clubbing TV & Electric Ibiza is organizing a yearly pool party at Miami Art Basel, yearly events during the Ibiza Season and exclusive events during Miami Music Week.

All the KLUBLIST NFT holders have the exclusive privilege to join these events, meet their favorite artists, and party like there is no tomorrow(land).

Join The KLUBLIST with Discord.

Are you sure that you have what it takes to move past The Bouncer?




CEO @ClubbingTV

If lost, return to Amnesia Ibiza.


COO @ClubbingTV

Has more AAA wristbands than the KLUBLIST. Identifies as Dwight Schrute & Liz Lemon. Didn't look at her portfolio in ages.



Nearly sold his house to buy the dip. Equally loves to party IRL and in the metaverse.


Social Media Manager

GIF connoisseur All of her puns are intended.


CTO @ClubbingTV

Will tell you “have you tried turning it off and back on again?” Wanted a Batman wristband but we had to say no.


Program Coordinator

She knows about dance & music more then NFTs... But who better than a real dance music lover to join this project?


Project Manager @Broken Egg

Said she will go to Tomorrowland once, has not returned since. Runs on pasta, but doesn't actually run.


CTO @Broken Egg

Sees NFTs in everything. Once you get him started about Metaseum there is no stop button.


Channel Manager

Never misses an occasion to join a party, laugh at stupid jokes or team up for beers!


3D Artist @Broken Egg.

Says yes to everything. “This is a photo right?” - everyone when looking at his 3D renders


Artist Manager @Clubbing TV & Atlanticus

Talks about NFTs and cats 24/7. Still doesn't know how to write Monika Kruse.


KlubList is a project launched by Clubbing TV. Clubbing TV is the biggest electronic music TV channel in the world.

After minting the KLUBLIST NFT, you can head to The Klub Discord, and find the special channel for all KLUBLIST holders to see if you are entitled to claim a physical bracelet.

Yes, there are 30 NFTs reserved for the team, the advisors and the club & festivals brands which are part of the collection (rare NFTs are excluded from this allocation).

The exclusive merchandising shop of KlubList is part of the DAY 1 utilities and will be token gated. Only KlubList NFTs holders will be able to access the shop.

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The mint price will be announced soon, and won't be higher than 0.049 ETH


Cointelegraph has an accelerator which is incubating new and innovative projects. KlubList, KlubCoin and the token $KLUB are part of the Cointelegraph accelerator giving our projects an amazing opportunity to grow faster.

You will be able to buy (mint) a KlubList NFT when the drop will start on this website. The purchase can be made via credit card in Euros or USD or with Ethereum.